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No, not my personal one, which has been around quietly for quite a few years and only really has old TSAT for Doom trailers and gameplay.
The new channel is a joint effort from my fiance Sakura-Courage-Solo and I, complete with baking videos, Let's Plays, Art timelapses (so far only my own efforts), and miniature painting. If you wanna come check it out, we are here: Lavender Industries

You might remember the Do It Again: Guardian of the Hops pic I did last year: here's its timelapse!
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Friday I took a load of sketch and doodle commissions with the expectation that I was going to be able to continue on them Sunday. I woke up like shit this morning, so I cancelled the stream, however, anyone who asked for a commission will still have that commission done for the 20% off whenever I get to it, whether it's on stream or not.
In fact, if you still want a sketch or doodle commission, until 12am MDT today (Oct 23), they are still 20% off.
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Out of work means more energy to do things that aren't a proper job. :D

That's $4 USD for a sketch, or $12 for a colored doodle!
Limit one character per picture.
NSFW will be allowed, so if you are under the age of 18, sorry, I can't let you in.

If you'd like a pic, please note me what you'd like! Do not send payment until the picture is completed!
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Uh, that job just let me go today. Well, shit.
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Move was successful. Now in Gaffney, South Carolina, very close by to Sakura-Courage-Solo. I also found a job working at a Timken steel bearing factory, so I am out of retail, too.
Commissions are going to close as I was not getting any support from this direction anyway, and frankly, I do not blame any of you, considering my rate of art has slowed to nothing.
I'm still catching up on bills. It's gonna take a few weeks before I can actually start spending money on things that I don't actually need.
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I will be losing Internet tomorrow; I am moving to my new apartment in Gaffney, SC here tomorrow. The appointment for installation of new Internet, from Charter Spectrum, will be on Monday afternoon (August 8), so that is when I will be coming back online.
If you are willing to make any donations, you may make them to my PayPal at I will also be opening commissions! My internet may be non-existent on my computer for a week, so streaming won't be happening, but I will still have my smart phone for communications, even through DeviantArt, Furaffinity, and Inkbunny.

I want to thank my absolutely wonderful sugar-glazed fiance Sakura-Courage-Solo for keeping me at her place for a few weeks as a spring-board for my job- and apartment-searching. I'm a little disappointed that I have found nothing in terms of jobs yet but surely something will come up. And if you folks are willing to try to work with me again, I might be able to keep up on my bills from art alone!

What about the rates raising, you might be asking? Well, that's just not going to happen. Kind of an asshole thing to drop all commissions from last time, and then upcharge. Anyway, current rates are here. They are the same as they've been for the past couple years:
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This is going to be a bit of an unusual one. I'm at my fiance's place for the next couple weeks or so, so I only have my laptop. However, I'm still feeling artsy, and I am taking sketch commissions today! You may also send donations to my PayPal, since I'm unemployed and stuff, but I won't feel bad if I don't get anything.
Payment is due only when the picture is completed, but I will not upload it proper until I have received payment.

Limitations: Only one character or BattleMech/vehicle, no sexual conduct or nudity.

SKETCHES: $5.00!
DOODLES (colored sketches with shading): $15.00
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To all my friends left on DA staffPlease begin looking for new jobs if you aren't already, this site is not going to last, they've cut the jobs of most of your friends, the top level is still there, still earning far more than you ever will, while everyone else on much lower income is losing their job with barely a moments notice. Meanwhile the site is wasting time and money on things like this 
An Outlook add-in, in this day and age. We were told last year that the website was moving to a more mobile age, so why are they wasting energy on an add-in for an outdated and barely used program?
I used to believe, I used to have faith and I'll admit to being surprised that the website made it past Christmas (I bet some people in the company still had a big party though, I bet some people still stayed in the Roosevelt). But it is dying, in April last year there were around 100 of us, now there are just 40 of you. This website is being mismanaged, it's being run in to the ground and soon it will b

DeviantArt wants to run itself to the ground; I am not sure how much longer the site is going to last. So, I have a list of alternative places that I am already at if you are there, too:

FurAffinity:… (Not fond of this place, either, but that's where a large part of my fanbase is. Once they leave, I will, too)
Tumblr: (forgive the bland look, I haven't bothered to install a skin)
Twitter: (art is not usually posted here)

And for the life updates...
I left my Walmart job and I am feeling so much better for it. Spent some time in Gaffney, SC with Sakura-Courage-Solo, looking at apartments and part-time jobs there. Didn't find anything right away, but that's fine. I have work I need to do here. Targeting a move-out of July 1. Probably going to miss that date.

I will try to start up commissions again, and I will be adopting a modified slot system to make sure I am not easily overwhelmed. I understand that I blew off a lot of people when I cleaned my list; I was in a very terrible place at the time. I will be trying my best not to let it happen again, since I am now seeing a therapist and I am taking anti-depressants. I may also, unfortunately, raise my rates slightly by suggestion of friends and family. I feel confident that I could make it as an artist full time... if I can stay disciplined...
Proposed price increases:
Sketch: from $5 to $10 (+100%)
Doodle: from $15 to $20 (+33%)
Line-Art: from $15 to $20 (+33%)
Flat Color: from $25 to $30 (+20%)
Cel-shaded: from $45 to $50 (+11%)
Airbrushed: from $60 to $70 (+17%)

As for the modified slot system, I would take not how many pieces, but a fixed dollar amount of work of about $150, with up to one commission exceeding that. (that is, if there is even $10 of "room", the next commission can still be of any value)
So, I'm sorry for being so sporadic. As I've said before, I have not been in a good place mentally. I don't know what else I can do, and I am very sorry for all the people I blew off months back. Can you all forgive me?

I nearly forgot about the stream. Tomorrow at some time (Sakura and I are thinking starting around noon to 1pm EDT?), we're going to be doing a donation stream so that I can get my coffers filled a little better for when I do move. No stream. Enjoy the Steam Summer Sale tomorrow.
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I just emerged from the hospital for some physical issues that I'd rather not get into until a solution is found. But let's just assume here that the stresses of life ARE LITERALLY KILLING ME.

Original post: I wish I could say "It's complicated", that I may have an excuse for all of the delays (I do but only for one week, so it doesn't count), but no. I have no excuses. I've had all kinds of time to get projects and art done. But I have had none of the inspiration or motivation to do... really, anything. Methinks, I have a very serious depression problem. I am already seeing a therapist once every two weeks, so I am going to bring it up with him.
I brought this up because I've had a person drop off the queue because I was taking too long. I don't blame him. One shouldn't have to wait several months for a picture that takes only a few hours, right?
That's all I got. I'm sorry.
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It is not my project. :P
Hyper Rabbit Power Go!, or more easily called HyperRPG, is a Twitch stream focusing more on tabletop games such as BattleTech and Shadowrun. For their launch, they will start with a 48 hour Charity stream benefitting the Halo Foundation. Two hours in, there will be a mighty Beard-Off: Harebrained Schemes will face off against Catalyst Game Labs in a team deathmatch on BattleTech. Six beards enter, three beards leave!
You can go here to watch!:
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Thank you to those who took advantage of the promotion while it lasted. While it is very unfortunate that none of them were for two different people in the same pic (which was why there was no rush to get anything done before V-Day), all requests will still be honored at their agreed upon pricing once they are finished.
I am of course still taking commissions at the normal rate. I do like to eat steak from time to time instead of ramen, and I AM getting ready to make a semi-local move, too.
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*puts on business suit*

Starting now until February 14th, any Sketches and Doodles with a second character will have that character discounted away from the price. That is, if you want to commission a couple, such as you and your sweetheart doing whatever, it will count as a single character! Additional characters will of course cost extra, but the second one will always remain free until the end of the promotion.
If you don't have a sweetheart, lonely, or just want some "company", Rachel is always around to give you some time. ;D

This promotion will apply to any commission, not just "lovey-dovey" ones. Of course, because this is a themed promotion, those who take advantage of the deal and stick to the theme will be bumped up on the list, so that they can get their special gift to their special someone by Valentine's Day.

Note me here if you are interested!

Commission List
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I have run through my entire backlog from May-June, and I am now accepting new commissions! Prices are the same from before, and they are not expected to rise.

For more information check out this:
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Whether you want something nice or something cheap (pick one), come take a look. I'm ready to take your order. Just send me a Note here.
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Stream has closed.
I will be back at it on either Wednesday or Friday, depending on mood and workload.
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This thing with Walmart sucking up my drive has gone long enough.

Starting after the 18th of December, I'm shifting over to a partial availability of three days out of the week (Monday through Wednesday). Thursday will be a cool down day and Friday to Sunday will be a combination of art days and rest days, depending on what I am feeling. But I haven't worked on much of anything in quite some time, and it's really starting to annoy me. It's time I do something about it, even if it may kill my paycheck; I intend to make it up on my commissions.
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Either Time Warner Cable is slacking, or my brother actually got that contract with a proper paying sponsor negotiated and signed in time!

So, uh, yeah, I'm still here. :meow:
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Hey everyoneI don't know where too start..
Thank you sooo much to everyone who's donated to me and signal boosted.. I cant express how grateful I am to you all..
I've finally got the keys to my new place, and it's all because of you guys.. Now I have my own place, i can focus on fighting my depression and start feeling like my old self again.
You've all been so generous and I really cannot thank you all enough. I had more than enough to secure this place and anything left over will go on a Bed and any other supplies I need to keep me going. The place is very unfurnished, but I have a cooker and somewhere to sit/sleep.
The people in the building are very nice, several have gave me access to their Wifi until I can afford to get my own installed.
Really.. I don't feel like I deserve to have such amazing friends and be part of such a great community..
Thank you so very much..

Mission accomplished! Thank you all for your help, guys!
Original Post:

Help..Just a message to everyone.. I'm not gonna be around for a while. I'm homeless at the moment, with no where to go and no money to my name. I'm sofa surfing at a friends at the moment and it cant be permanent.. I had a bit of a breakdown and ended up on medication and my parents dont understand what im going through. 
I'm not sure what i'm going to do or how long i'll be gone.
I'll try and check in when i can.
I'd appreciate any help though... I know i've asked this before and people really helped me out.
your-soul-ashy @ Hotmail . co . Uk  is my paypal.. I'm trying to get some money together so i can put a deposit down on a flat but im really struggling..
Thanks for your time everyone, and hopefully i'll be back on my feet soon.
Found out I need to magically produce £290 out of thin air to have a roof over my head tonight. I have £110 of savings but I need that for food and such aswell.. I really know what to do.. Even now I'm sat in

I have an acquaintance in dire straits that could use a hand, too.
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