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Commissions are OPEN! (Updated 23 JUN 2017) by prdarkfox Commissions are OPEN! (Updated 23 JUN 2017) by prdarkfox
Hello, and thank you for your interest!
Commission Queue is [HERE].

The Terms and Conditions have been heavily updated since they were last revisited in July 2015. Please read through them if you are intending on ordering a commission from me.

1. Please be clear of what "media type" (Sketch, Doodle, Line-art, Shaded Line-art, Flats, Cel-shade, or Airbrush) you would like. This is a direct indicator of how much you are going to pay, as it's based on how long a picture can take.
- 1a. Extra characters on the same picture are an extra 50%. Vehicles such as either cars, tanks or BattleMechs count as characters when figuring your price. Simple backgrounds are typically included in the price.
- 1b. Complicated characters and all BattleMechs or other complex machinery in the foreground will count as two characters as I see fit. This can typically include characters with extremely complex fur pattern designs, an excessive amount of accessories, and many other examples. You will be warned before I queue the commission.
- 1c. You may ask for a small icon (512x512 pixels) for half the price. Picture is drawn from the chest up. Icon is not available in Sketch, Line-art, or Shaded Line-Art media types.
- 1d. Reference sheets are available! For a flat $100 USD, I can draw a detailed reference for your character. Only available in cel-shade. Simpler characters may see a reduced rate dependent on time spent; you'll find out in the invoice.
- 1e. Comic commissions are not available at this time.
- 1f. Sequential commissions are available, but there is no "sale" for buying pictures in bulk, and you will be charged for each picture in the sequence as if its own commission. Again, you will be warned about this before I proceed with the sequence.

2. Please be extra clear of what you want drawn. The less IMs and time we spend trading with each other, the faster I can queue you in, and draw for you. I don't like looking at vague requests, then trying to figure out what you had on your mind, then I take too much artistic license and you're unhappy with the product. Please be clear!
- 2a. Please don't waffle. Please know for sure what you want, and don't change your mind halfway through negotiations! I have better things to do than to draw out a conversation, when I could be drawing out your picture.
- 2b. Within reason, I can return to your picture if there are any glaring issues with your commission. Please bring up such issues privately, such as over the Note/PM system. You have 72 hours after the date and time of submission to bring up such issues.

3. Do not prepay me. I will tell you when to pay in your preferred method before I post my artwork. This protects your money in case a note is lost, and also encourages me to finish your commission faster.
- 3a. I currently only accept payment methods to PayPal in US Dollars. When commissioning, please send me your PayPal address. This address is used to send you an invoice when the picture is completed.
- 3b. Once a month, I will accept EVE Online's PLEX (Pilot's License EXtension) as part of payment, to a limit of 1000 PLEX a month. 500 PLEX: $20 off, 1000 PLEX: $40 off. I will inform you if someone has already fulfilled the PLEX payment for the month. Will only accept PLEX in increments of 500.
- 3c. On that same token, EVE players may also buy art for EVE ISK -- at an inflated rate. For every $10 USD of commission, you can give my character 1 Billion ISK. Limit 4B ISK per month.

4. Yes, I can draw mature and adult rated materials, and at no extra charge to you. Don't count on it going up on DeviantArt, but it might make its way to other galleries such as FurAffinity and InkBunny. Please ask about what sort of "fetishes" I won't do for your request, I am rather picky in this department. NO UNDERAGE ADULT ART! If you so much as ask about this, I will block you from anywhere you contact me. I take this rule quite seriously.
- 4a. A few no-nos I won't draw: Underage (Mature+), diapers, scat, tentacles (artist incompetence reasons), rape (excl. if Rachel is the victim or if you have full ownership of the victim), hate art. Please ask, you'd be surprised of what I might try!

5. Please tell me if you do NOT want it submitted to my online galleries. I understand if you want to keep a picture private, but I also would like to tell people that I am active. I will link to your gallery if you have one, unless given instruction not to, so keep this in consideration. If I am not given a decision, I will post it publicly.
- 5a. If you ask for a sketch or Line-art, you are welcome to color it yourself. If you post it online, you must link to my gallery and notify me.
- 5b. Other artists that are not you may not color sketches or line-art unless it is done for free, or if you ask me for permission. Like before, if it is posted online, you must link to my gallery and notify me.

If you are interested in ordering something, please send me a note at either DeviantArt, FurAffinity, or InkBunny.

I hope to work with you in the future!

Latest edits: EVE's PLEX changes have gone into effect and have as such been updated here. Also, PLEX discounts increased slightly.
Rape/gore rule relaxed slightly.
EVE's ISK now accepted as a form of currency.
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